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The Safety Committee meets biannually to review health and safety in the Department. Any decisions are communicated to staff via the Monthly HoD briefings, Department Meetings and News Digest emails.  It includes staff representatives from each Department building. Membership is advertised through open-calls to the whole Department.


-          Klaus Ebmeier (Department Safety Officer)

-          John Geddes (Head of Department)

-          Margarita Chibalina (Biological Safety Officer)

-          Wayne Davies (Fire Officer, building works management, Cottage representative)

-          Moira Westwood (Departmental Administrator, Main Department)

-          Linda Carter (DSE Assessment Co-ordinator)

-          Sven Braeutigam / Sebastian Rieger (OHBA)

-          Valerie West (Wellcome Building)

-          Clare Williams (Clinical Safety, Neuroscience building)

-          Aitor Rovira (POWIC)

-          Laura Winchester (Lab Wing)

-          Charlotte Dempsey (Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Kellogg College 

-          Julie Hamilton/Graham Ross (Divisional Safety Officers)