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Latest News

Kam Bhui joins MQ Science Council

Professor Kam Bhui appointed to MQ’s Science Council, a group of global experts who guide MQ’s research.

Experts hold first meeting for new international project on depression, anxiety and psychosis

The Global Alliance for Living Evidence on aNxiety, depressiOn and pSychosis, or GALENOS project, has launched in central London.

Ensuring LGBTQI+ people are treated fairly in mental health data

Andrey Kormilitzin outlines a new participatory study aimed at improving AI to take account of LGBTQI+ people so that their needs are better met by mental health services.

Talks, discussions, events

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Seminar Series: 'Children and families in Arab countries, The earthquake: a crisis within crises'

Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 12.15pm to 1.15pm

Please join us for a special extra seminar led by Dr Ghassan Issa, General Coordinator at the Arab Network for Early Childhood (ANECD). The Arab Network for Early Childhood Development is a community of knowledge, information and practice, and a professional forum for consultation, cooperation and advocacy to support the care and development of young children. Dr Issa’s talk will particularly focus on children and families affected by the recent Turkey–Syria earthquake. Zoom link: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ | Meeting ID: 917 2953 0544 | Passcode: 605443


Listen to the late Professor Michael Gelder on how he founded the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford, 1969.

NIHR Oxford Health BRC video

Find out what we aim to achieve with this brand new NIHR Biomedical Research Centre.

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