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Our Rupert McShane presents the first UK study of the use of ketamine intravenous infusions in people with treatment-resistant depression. 'Ketamine is a promising new antidepressant which works in a different way to existing antidepressants. We wanted to see whether it would be safe if given repeatedly, and whether it would be practical in an NHS setting. We especially wanted to check that repeated infusions didn't cause cognitive problems,' explains principal investigator Dr Rupert McShane, a consultant psychiatrist at Oxford Health and a researcher in Oxford University's Department of Psychiatry.

Ketamine 'exciting' depression therapy

By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News

Lead researcher Dr Rupert McShane said: "It really is dramatic for some people, it's the sort of thing really that makes it worth doing psychiatry, it's a really wonderful thing to see. He added: "[The patients] say 'ah this is how I used to think' and the relatives say 'we've got him (or her) back'." Dr McShane said this included patients who had lived with depression for 20 years

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