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Research Assistant from the Department of Psychiatry is recognised at the British and Irish Group for the Study of Personality Disorder (BIGSPD).

Lauren Atkinson, DPhil student at the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry, was presented with Junior Science Award at the BIGSPD conference, for her presentation on the differences in mood instability patterns between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.

The organisers of the BIGSD conference, which is attended by clinicians, mental health practitioners, researchers and service users, picked out Lauren's skill in presenting complex statistics in a simple way that was understandable to the whole audience.

The award came as a surprise but it feels like a good start to what I hope to achieve during my DPhil in Psychiatry. It was a really nice acknowledgment for the work we have been doing in the AMoSS team at Department of Psychiatry. 

- Lauren Atkinson


Lauren Atkinson is part of the AMoSS team, which stands for 'Automated Monitoring of Symptom Severity'. The study aims to explore mood instability in individuals diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. It is exploring mood instability using mood-monitoring, together with modern smartphone and “wearable” technologies, that provide information about a person’s activity patterns and physical state.


Find out more about the AMoSS study.


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