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Keith Hawton and Seena Fazel, with Lisa Marzano and Adrienne Rivlin (formerly from the Department), met with Madeleine Moon, MP for Bridgend, at the House of Commons on February 11th following their presentation on Self-harm and Suicide in Prisoners to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Suicide and Self-harm Prevention.

At the meeting, Keith, Seena and Lisa presented their research on non-fatal self-harm in prisoners and also their investigations of near-lethal suicide attempts by male and female prisoners.  They discussed the implications of their findings for prevention of self-harm and suicide in the prison setting.  This included, for example, screening of prisoners at reception to prisons and during their prison stay, court diversion schemes to ensure that prisoners with major mental health problems and risk of suicidal behaviour are able to receive treatment in more appropriate settings, greater mental health service involvement in care of prisoners with mental health problems, development of specific treatments for female prisoners who are frequent repeaters of self-harm and careful transfer of care to mental health and other services of those prisoners at risk at the time of leaving prison.  Following the presentation several parliamentary questions about the issues relating to self-harm and suicide in prisoners have been tabled.


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