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Please join us in extending our congratulations to the new ECNP President, Guy Goodwin, W.A. Handley Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Find out how he envisages ECNP's road forward into the current landscape of applied and translational neuroscience, in this recent interview with ECNP Daily News (p16):

"We are moving on from a narrow focus on pharmacology because neuroscience applied to neurology and psychiatry will inform other physical modalities of treatment and psychological interventions. Psychological interventions in particular have relied too much on folk psychology and the conventions of traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy. There is tremendous potential to unleash new ways of training the brain, if we understood better the underlying biases that contribute to functional disorders. Moreover, if we can harness the power to connect through the internet, psychological interventions could be made available widely and cheaply."


Please follow the link below to read the news on the NIHR BRC website.

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