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The seventh edition of the popular Shorter Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry (formerly called the Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry) was published in October 2017 by Oxford University Press. As with all previous editions, it is written by senior members of the Department, on this occasion, Paul Harrison, Phil Cowen, Tom Burns, and Mina Fazel. Paul comments:

Most importantly, Mina Fazel joined us an author – the first woman, and the first child psychiatrist. 
- Paul Harrison

“I remember reading the first edition in 1983 when I was a medical student and being struck by its clarity, common-sense, and the focus on evidence.  We have tried to retain these qualities in the latest edition, as well as introducing new features. We have added a new chapter on global mental health, and of course cover DSM-5 and the advances in the understanding and treatment of psychiatric disorders since the previous edition in 2012.  We hope that the book continues to showcase the Oxford approach to psychiatry.” 

Find out more about the Shorter Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry - seventh edition


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