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Now in its 3rd edition, the New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry is designed for advanced students and qualified clinicians. This new edition has been a fundamental revision of the textbook with the aim of directly linking clinical practice with developments in neuroscience and biomedical research.

Since 1980, the Oxford Department has produced a unique series of three general textbooks of psychiatry, each of which has been kept regularly up-to-date:


Even in our digital age, textbooks continue to play an important role in teaching, training and continuing medical education because they provide a coherent overview of a clinical field. - Authors of the New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry.


Other recent publications from the Department of Psychiatry include: 



We are seeing an acceleration of the movement from print to digital sales and usage across scientific, technical and medical publishing, and particularly from hospital and university medical libraries. - Peter Stevenson, Senior Commissioning Editor, Medicine, OUP. 


These textbooks are available in multiple formats: print / e-book / online. Online versions will include regular (annual) updates going forward.






For more information about experts at the Department of Psychiatry.


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