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Dr Anya Topiwala and Dr Sana Suri will be heading to Nice and Montreal to pick up an award and to take up a research travel grant in spring 2018.

Dr Anya Topiwala (left) will be travelling to Nice, France, in March 2018, to be presented with with her official Award Certificate for being a winner in the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) Research Prizes 2018.

An International Jury, made up of five distinguished members of the Association – Professor Silvana Galderisi, Professor Philip Gorwood, Professor Wolfgang Gaebel, Professor Reinhard Heun and Professor Andrea Fiorillo - judged Anya's paper “Moderate alcohol consumption as risk factor for adverse brain outcomes and cognitive decline: longitudinal cohort study” to be the best in the category “Biological correlates and treatments of mental disorders”. Dr Topiwala 's award will be presented by the EPA President - Silvana Galderisi.


During this 2 month fellowship at McGill, I will investigate whether risk factors for Alzheimer's disease are associated with an accelerated rate of brain ageing. I will also look at the other side of the coin and ask how our genes and lifestyle may interact to maintain "youthful" brains in older ages. The project will combine Dr Mallar Chakravarty's expertise in machine learning and multi-modal MRI analysis with my research on risk and resilience in ageing.   - Sana Suri


Dr Sana Suri (right), meanwhile, was thrilled to be awarded the Laszlo and Etelka Kollar Brain@McGill Graduate/ Postdoctoral Travel Award. The grant provides $8,000 to cover airfare, accommodation, and costs while conducting research at McGill University for 1-4 months.  Sana intends to pursue this exciting opportunity at McGill in Montreal, Canada, in April 2018. Her collaborators are: Mallar Chakravarty (McGill), Klaus Ebmeier (Oxford), Clare Mackay (Oxford).


Congratulations to both. We look forward to hearing about their adventures and further research.



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