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Michael Sharpe, Professor of Psychological Medicine has been presented with the Award for Integrated and Collaborative Care by the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.

Dr Jeff Huffman who led the award committee, Prof Michael Sharpe and Dr Don Lipsitt
Dr Jeff Huffman who led the award committee, Prof Michael Sharpe and Dr Don Lipsitt

The international organisation based in the USA honoured Professor Sharpe's research and clinical work in the award which recognises excellence and innovation in the integration of mental and physical healthcare.

On behalf of my colleagues in Oxford University and in Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust I am absolutely delighted that our work together, to improve patient outcomes through research, has received this international recognitionProfessor Michael Sharpe

Professor Michael Sharpe's research 'aims to understand the psychiatric aspects of medical illness and its treatment, to develop novel interventions that are integrated with and intended to enhance medical care and to evaluate these in rigorous clinical trials.'

His current interests include developing and evaluating integrated depression management for cancer patients and proactive integrated psychiatry services for general hospital inpatients.


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