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These enable medically qualified clinicians to pursue rigorous research training across a range of disciplines at UK centres of excellence. Programmes provide trainees with opportunities to sample high-quality research environments before developing a research proposal tailored to their individual interests.

This is a flagship scheme aimed at supporting the most promising medically qualified clinicians who wish to undertake rigorous research training.

Successful candidates will develop their potential to become academic clinicians within a structured and mentored training environment. Programmes will provide the individual trainee with opportunities to sample high-quality research environments before they develop a research proposal that is tailored to their individual interests.

Further research training opportunities for clinicians to undertake a high quality PhD are provided by the Research Training Fellowship scheme and the Translational Medicine and Therapeutics Programmes.

The Wellcome Trust also invites applications for its four-year PhD studentship programmes. These enable students to undertake in-depth postgraduate training at centres of excellence throughout the UK in genetics, statistics, epidemiology, and neuroscience.

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The next round of applications will open in the autumn, with a deadline around the new year. Dates will be posted on the website in due course. Successful candidates will start in autumn 2016. However, you are advised to contact potential supervisors as soon as possible to discuss the scheme and develop a suitable project. You can also contact Professor Paul Harrison for advice and further information.

Up to three Fellowships are available each year. Psychiatry trainees at any stage from CT1 to ST6 are welcome to apply, and the scheme is flexible as to clinical training needs. The main selection criterion is excellence and potential: we are looking for the next generation of academic psychiatrists. Full details of the programme, potential supervisors, example projects, and how to apply, can be found here: click on the ‘Mental and Cognitive Health’ tab on the right hand side. The successful candidates will receive training in a range of methods, and will conduct research leading to the award of a D.Phil. in their chosen area. Fellowships are for three years; funding covers fees, a clinical salary at the appropriate level, and generous support for research costs. The programme places strong emphasis on translational research. To facilitate this, Fellows will have the opportunity to spend a day a week in a clinical unit that specialises in translating research findings into routine care.


Please follow the link below to read the news on the NIHR BRC website.