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BACKGROUND: hospital level healthcare in the home guided by comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) might provide a less costly alternative to hospitalisation for older people. OBJECTIVE: to determine the cost-effectiveness of CGA admission avoidance hospital at home (HAH) compared with hospital admission. DESIGN/INTERVENTION: a cost-effectiveness study alongside a randomised trial of CGA in an admission avoidance HAH setting, compared with admission to hospital. PARTICIPANTS/SETTING: older people considered for a hospital admission in nine locations across the UK were randomised using a 2:1 randomisation schedule to admission avoidance HAH with CGA (N = 700), or admission to hospital with CGA when available (N = 355). MEASUREMENTS: quality adjusted life years, resource use and costs at baseline and 6 months; incremental cost-effectiveness ratios were calculated. The main analysis used complete cases. RESULTS: adjusting for baseline covariates, HAH was less costly than admission to hospital from a health and social care perspective (mean -£2,265, 95% CI: -4,279 to -252), and remained less costly with the addition of informal care costs (mean difference -£2,840, 95% CI: -5,495 to -185). There was no difference in quality adjusted survival. Using multiple imputation for missing data, the mean difference in health and social care costs widened to -£2,458 (95% CI: -4,977 to 61) and societal costs remained significantly lower (-£3,083, 95% CI: -5,880 to -287). There was little change to quality adjusted survival. CONCLUSIONS: CGA HAH is a cost-effective alternative to admission to hospital for selected older people.

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admission avoidance hospital at home, comprehensive geriatric assessment, cost-effectiveness, older people, Aged, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Geriatric Assessment, Hospitalization, Hospitals, Humans, Quality-Adjusted Life Years