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The self-perceived needs of adolescents with suicidal behaviour: a scoping review

Journal article

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A meta-analysis of the relationship between sleep and β-Amyloid biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease

Journal article

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Comparative Safety of Antidepressants in Adults with CKD.

Journal article

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The effect of turbulence in brain dynamics information transfer measured with magnetoencephalography

Journal article

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Suicidal thoughts and behaviours among student nurses and midwives: A systematic review

Journal article

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The influence of peer non-suicidal self-harm on young adults' urges to self-harm: experimental study.

Journal article

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Pramipexole for the Treatment of Depression: Efficacy and Mechanisms.

Journal article

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Variation in follow-up for children born very preterm in Europe.

Journal article

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Suicide among nurses: What can we do to protect our workforce?

Journal article

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