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Induced pluripotent stem cells in psychiatry: a critical review

Journal article

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Pharmacological interventions for self‐harm in adults.

Internet publication

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Superior short-term memory in APOE ε2 carriers across the age range.

Journal article

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Finding order within the disorder: a case study exploring the meaningfulness of delusions

Journal article

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Human perceptual learning is delayed by the NMDA receptor partial agonist D-cycloserine

Journal article

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Incidence of neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular diseases associated with antihypertensive drug classes

Journal article

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A Bayesian dose-response meta-analysis model: A simulations study and application

Journal article

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Behavioural relevance of spontaneous, transient brain network interactions in fMRI

Journal article

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Revisiting the global workspace orchestrating the hierarchical organization of the human brain

Journal article

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Meta-analysis of generalized additive models in neuroimaging studies.

Journal article

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Time-to-death is a potential confounder in observational studies of blood transfusion in severe malaria – Authors' reply

Journal article

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Self-harm on roads: Register-based study of methods and characteristics of individuals involved.

Journal article

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Ethical Issues in Consent for the Re-use of Data in Health Data Platforms

Journal article

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