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Studies on transcriptional control of gene expression play a pivotal role in many areas of biology. In non-Drosophilid insects, the cuticle, chorion, immune response, silk gland, storage proteins, and vitellogenin are foci for advances in basic research on promoter elements and transcription factors. Insects offer other advantages for gene regulation studies, including the availability of applied problems. In non-Drosophilid insects, the most serious problem for transcriptional control studies is the lack of homologous in vivo expression systems. Once this deficiency is addressed, the full impact of research on transcription control will be realized throughout the field of entomology.

Original publication




Journal article


Annu Rev Entomol

Publication Date





671 - 700


Animals, Gene Expression Regulation, Insect Hormones, Insecta, Transcription, Genetic