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A single bout of passive exercise mitigates a mental fatigue-induced inhibitory control deficit

Journal article

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Education is power: preserving cognition in the UK biobank.

Journal article

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The unidirectional prosaccade switch-cost: no evidence for the passive dissipation of an oculomotor task-set inertia

Journal article

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Distinct visual resolution supports aperture shaping in natural and pantomime-grasping.

Journal article

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Conference paper

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Evaluating the efficacy of an iPad® app in determining a single bout of exercise benefit to executive function

Journal article

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Exercise intensity-specific changes to cerebral blood velocity do not modulate a postexercise executive function benefit

Journal article

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Pro- and antisaccade task-switching: response suppression-and not vector inversion-contributes to a task-set inertia.

Journal article

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Response suppression produces a switch-cost for spatially compatible saccades.

Journal article

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