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The role of hippocampal theta oscillations in working memory impairment in multiple sclerosis

Journal article

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Challenges and future directions for representations of functional brain organization.

Journal article

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Brain dysconnectivity relates to disability and cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis

Journal article

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The psychological correlates of distinct neural states occurring during wakeful rest

Journal article

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Advanced Data-Driven Analysis Methods for Successful Mapping of Brain-Symptom Associations From Heterogeneous Datasets

Conference paper

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Optimising network modelling methods for fMRI.

Journal article

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Dissecting beta-state changes during timed movement preparation in Parkinson's disease.

Journal article

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Author Correction: A tool for functional brain imaging with lifespan compliance.

Journal article

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Unpacking Transient Event Dynamics in Electrophysiological Power Spectra.

Journal article

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An introduction to MEG connectivity measurements


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Post-stimulus beta responses are modulated by task duration

Journal article

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Do the posterior midline cortices belong to the electrophysiological default-mode network?

Journal article

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Tracking dynamic brain networks using high temporal resolution MEG measures of functional connectivity.

Journal article

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Functional network dynamics in a neurodevelopmental disorder of known genetic origin

Journal article

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A tool for functional brain imaging with lifetime compliance

Journal article

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Altered transient brain dynamics in multiple sclerosis: Treatment or pathology?

Journal article

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