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Somatostatin Interneurons of the Insula Mediate QR2-Dependent Novel Taste Memory Enhancement

Journal article

Gould NL. et al, (2021), eneuro, 8, ENEURO.0152 - 21.2021

Dopamine-Dependent QR2 Pathway Activation in CA1 Interneurons Enhances Novel Memory Formation

Journal article

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D1 Dopamine Receptor Activation Induces Neuronal eEF2 Pathway-Dependent Protein Synthesis

Journal article

David O. et al, (2020), Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, 13

Muscarinic-Dependent miR-182 and QR2 Expression Regulation in the Anterior Insula Enables Novel Taste Learning

Journal article

Gould NL. et al, (2020), eneuro, 7, ENEURO.0067 - 20.2020