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mcm grp staff

Lead investigators

  • Professor Keith Hawton (Oxford)
  • Professor Nav Kapur (Manchester)
  • Mr Keith Waters (Derby)

Research Staff


  • Dr Galit Geulayov (Project Coordinator)
  • Ms Deborah Casey (Database Manager)
  • Ms Elizabeth Bale (Research Assistant)
  • Mr John Ryall (Research Clerk)
  • Ms Fiona Brand (Research Nurse)


  • Dr Caroline Clements (Research Assistant)
  • Ms Harriet Bickley (Research Assistant)
  • Mr Iain Donaldson (Research Secretary)
  • Ms Victoria Matthews (Clerical Assistant)


  • Ms Jennifer Ness (Research Project Manager)
  • Dr Samantha Kelly (Consultant Nurse)
  • Ms Jessica Pearson(Research Assistant)
  • Ms Phyllis Leung (Research Assistant)
  • Professor Ellen Townsend (University of Nottingham)



  • Dr Apostolo Tsiachristas
  • Mr David McDaid
  • Ms A-La Park
  • Prof. Andrea Cipriani


  • Dr Roger Webb
  • Dr Kevin Mackway-Jones
  • Dr Damien Longson
  • Dr Elspeth Guthrie
  • Prof Louis Appleby


Other Centres

  • Prof. David Gunnell (University of Bristol)
  • Dr. Alexandra Pitman (University College London)
  • Dr Ella Arensman (National Suicide Research Foundation, Cork)
  • Dr Paul Corcoran (National Suicide Research Foundation, Cork)