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Using a digital health study to improve and protect mental wellbeing during and after COVID-19 pandemic - PART I

PAIDEIA aims to identify and report on possible benefits the use of digital interventions may provide using self-directed approaches to better mental health and wellbeing during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is involved?

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic impacts people differently. Therefore, the Oxford Precision Psychiatry Lab led by Professor Andrea Cipriani and the Oxford Brain Health Clinical Trials Unit are jointly running PAIDEIA to help reduce some of the negative aspects on general wellbeing during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Both physical activity and mindfulness has been shown to help improve mental and physical health. Therefore, we would like to identify if the tools we have developed will help people during this time.

Participants will be delivered personalised physical activity and mindfulness programmes via the mindLAMP platform. 

The PAIDEIA Study is no longer open for enrolment. 

Who can take part in the study

To be considered eligible to take part, you must be:

  • 18-65 years old
  • Healthcare professional and/or university student
  • Willing and able to provide informed consent
  • Able to read and write in English and with minimum 7 years of formal education
  • Have access to a mobile device with app download capabilities
  • Be willing and able to adhere to all of the study assessments specified in the participant information sheet

How to join the study

Please note that the PAIDEIA Study is no longer open for recruitment.

Before considering whether you would like to take part, please read the study information sheet and consent form below:

Participant Information Sheet

Informed Consent form

If you are experiencing any problems accessing the study documents, please contact


Study Interventions

To find out more about the interventions, please visit the links below:


Physical Activity 


For detailed instruction on how to download the mindLAMP app, please visit the link below:

Getting started on mindLAMP

Contact us

For further details regarding PAIDEIA, please email us at

Note from the Chief Medical Officers

The Chief Medical Officers within the UK and medical directors within the NHS have encouraged people to participate in COVID-19 research. Whilst PAIDEIA is not providing a treatment for COVID-19, it is certainly attempting to support healthcare professionals and university students to better manage their mental wellbeing. The pilot data we will gather from this study will help us further develop the intervention tools to deliver a global PAIDEIA clinical trial that would aid in developing pandemic preparedness to manage mental health and wellbeing.


PAIDEIA is supported by an internal grant from the University of Oxford.

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