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Angharad presenting her poster at the BAP meeting

Many PERL members attended this year’s annual BAP Summer Meeting, as organisers, chairs and presenters.  Amy Gillespie presented the first results from our novel 5HT4 partial agonist experimental medicine study in depression as well as chairing one of the post-doctoral symposiums.

Prof Catherine Harmer chaired the BAP Award Winners Oral Presentations & Prof Susie Murphy chaired the ‘Assessing & Messing with Cognition’ session.

As usual there was a breadth of research posters to peruse, including those from PERL’s Alex Smith & Erdem Pulcu

Finally huge congratulations to Angharad de Cates who won a BAP Public Communication Prize; she said “BAP meetings never seem to disappoint – my colleagues and I had a fantastic time. As always, there are plenty of fascinating talks relevant to my research and clinical practice, and the size and supportive nature of the attendees encourages a strong “community” feel. It’s such a pleasure to attend.”

More information can be found on the BAP website: