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Following on from the AIM day the Experimental Medicine and Industry Partnership (EMIP) has been established at the Oxford Health BRC to support commercial organisations who are looking to implement experimental medicine approaches in their psychiatric treatment development programmes.

The EMIP provides tailored peer review of experimental medicine clinical development strategies and advice on how to optimise the application of human models and biomarkers to psychiatric drug development, drawing on Oxford’s expertise in cognitive neuroscience, pharmacology, neurostimulation, neuroimaging, sleep, digital wearables, drug repurposing, psychological treatment, lifestyle interventions, gut health and precision psychiatry.

Outcomes from our consultation process can include:

  • Assisting with the application of validated experimental medicine approaches in treatment development for psychiatry
  • Support with project/programme development and delivery locally or through national or international networks
  • Sign-posting to commercial or academic partners who would be best placed to deliver the proposed suggestions
  • Assisting with the development of funding proposals for submission to grant/governmental funding bodies or investors

For more information about EMIP, or to make an initial enquiry please contact Dr Susannah Murphy