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Research groups

Adam Al-Diwani


NIHR Clinical lecturer in psychiatry

  • Honorary psychiatry specialist registrar
  • Academic tutor Oxford medical school psychiatry rotation

Translating neuroimmunology for innovation in clinical research and services

Key publications

More publications

Adam divides his time between clinical psychiatry, teaching, and research. He recently completed a Wellcome DPhil fellowship investigating the psychiatric presentation and B cell immunobiology of NMDAR-antibody encephalitis.

A direct extension is further development of  systems and services for early identification of autoimmune encephalitis in frontline services, a key determinant of outcomes. 

The forthcoming laboratory focus is on the direct investigation of interactions between brain antigens and the periphery with a focus on sleep and ageing.

Overall, a key aim is clinical innovation by the transdiagnostic application of cutting edge neuroimmunology via collaboration with diverse clinical and laboratory colleagues.