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Adrià Dangla Valls

DPhil Student

I am a DPhil student at the Translational Neurosciences and Dementia Research Group, supervised by Professors Noel Buckley and Simon Lovestone. The focus of my project is to get a better understanding of the role of clusterin and its genetic variants in the context of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

I am currently working on the optimization of phenotypic readouts to measure the effect of beta-amyloid treatment on rodent and human neurons (our cellular model of AD). In the near future, my plans are to use human iPSC-derived neurons in combination with gene-editing tools to generate isogenic lines that carry different variants of clusterin. This will allow for the attribution of phenotype to genotype: any phenotypical differences in response to beta-amyloid treatment between isogenic lines will be due to the specific genetic variant of the clusterin gene. Hopefully my work will contribute to bring some insight into the mechanistic understanding of the aetiology of AD.

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