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Team administrator, CREDO

Team administrator, CREDO

Clare Coull

Team administrator, CREDO

The Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford (CREDO)

This role is a change for me.  Working part-time - with a happy team, in an interesting busy job, with the opportunity to have time outside of that to focus on myself, my family and the rest of the world.

My background is marketing - working in lively ‘businesses’, juggling many projects, with people of all ages, functions and cultures.  For the last 5 years I’ve worked with the University of Oxford at the Said Business School, permanently full-time for the past 2 years heading marketing for online programmes in Executive Education.  The majority of my career has been spent working for American IT software businesses marketing software programmes for a worldwide revenue target.

With CREDO I'm particularly interested in its emphasis on psychiatry and mental health.  There is no doubt at all that the last two years of ‘lockdown’ have impacted and will further impact the mental health of society.  My current focus is the sharing of our Web-Centred Training in Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT-E) for Eating Disorders, primarily with therapists for their patient interventions. 

I’m in the office three days a week.  And physically here – I love being with the team and was not naturally a remote worker.  Find me in Room 30, The Wellcome Building, Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Web-Centred Training in Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT-E) for Eating Disorders

For more information about our web-based training for eating disorders, together with full details about how to register for an account, view our website

As a Clinic Director, it is very reassuring to know that my clinicians have received world class training in CBT-E.

 Web-Centred Training in Behavioural Activation (BA)

We have developed a detailed clinically-rich website for training therapists to deliver behavioural activation treatment for depression.  It centres on the use of a comprehensive and very practical therapist training website.  The website is designed to help therapists implement BA well.  For more information email