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Dr. Luke Solomons, Psychological Medicine Research

Dr. Luke Solomons, Psychological Medicine Research

Luke Solomons


Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Psychological Medicine Research

Consultant in psychological medicine and psycho-oncology

I am a consultant in psychological medicine with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, splitting my time between the John Racliffe and Churchill Hospital sites.

My interests are in the delivery of psychological medicine/ liaison psychiatry services. I am currently working on the HOME study – a multicentre RCT on proactive identification and management of psychological problems in older people on acute general hospital wards. CI - Prof. Michael Sharpe.

I contribute to the OCICS study – Oxford Cancer Centre Improving Care Study - as the clinical consultant setting up and delivering the SMS (symptom monitoring service) and DCPC (depression care for people with cancer) service within the Oxford Cancer Centre which is based on outputs from the SMART – Oncology trials. Alongside the focus on implementation of the services, there is a constant focus on full integration and adoption in the cancer centre. CI - Prof. Michael Sharpe.                                

I have been involved in research on cognition and sleep with Prof. John Moxham and Michael Kopelman as a clinical research fellow in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine. 

I am actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and trainee supervision.