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University of Oxford Course on Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analyses

03-05 October, 2022

Course Director: Andrea Cipriani

Tutors: Edoardo Ostinelli, Anneka Tomlinson

This online course is open to anyone, but it is specifically designed for psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health professionals, mental health pharmacists and neuroscientists with an interest in evidence synthesis and evidence-based practice.

Features include an engaging programme of lectures, hands-on tutorials, group discussions and supervised statistical sessions on systematic reviews and meta-analyses of RCTs.

Topics covered: Protocol, search strategy, basic concepts on statistical analysis of RCTs, study selection, risk of bias 2, reporting of results (PRISMA Guidelines), performing a meta-analysis (theory and practice with Review Manager, and R), paper submission, and practical project presentation.

To register your space follow this link: