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Recent DPhil graduate, Dr Katerina Johnson, studied the interactions between the gut microbiome and the brain and behaviour. She shares her experiences of science communication and engaging with the public.

Image of woman on stage smiling at audience.

During my DPhil studies I enjoyed getting involved in science communication and engaging with the media and the public, I feel it is important to make science research accessible to all. I decided to apply to give a TEDx talk about the future of the gut microbiome.

The science is moving fast in this field, yet the idea that we are half microbial and that our body's microbes are integral to our health is something that many people are still unaware of. 

My talk incorporates the latest microbiome research all about faecal transplants, super-poo and the role that the gut microbiome may play in our future healthcare.

 Giving the talk was a great experience as nothing quite compares to interacting with a live audience! 


I don't think anything's too complex, it's all in the way you explain it, and I believe any aspect of science can be understandable, engaging and fun! Dr Katerina Johnson.


As well as publishing scientific papers and reviews from my research, my focus now is to further pursue my aspirations in science communication.

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