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This two day 50th anniversary event (18-19 March) will have a focus on the future of mental health. Sessions will be led by some of the leading experts in psychiatry and cover topics such as psychological treatments, epidemiology and data science, experimental medicine and neuroscience, psychiatry and Oxford medicine.

Professor John Geddes, Head of Department, said,

"I am delighted to lead the Department's celebrations for our 50th anniversary event. Our two day future focused event highlights some exciting areas of research in mental health. Specifically, psychological treatments, epidemiology and data science, experimental medicine and neuroscience, psychiatry and Oxford medicine.

Having the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the team past and present and to share some of the exciting scientific advances which have led to improved access to psychological treatments, as well as, better patient care and experience is a great privilege."


We work within one of the world's great Universities and our team's mission is to continue to build the capacity for achieving true global impact from the research conducted here.

- Professor John Geddes.


Join and celebrate with us, The Mental Elf will be reporting live from the event, so you can follow the tweets, podcast interviews and live video stream on Twitter using the hashtag #OxPsych50.






DAY ONE Monday 18th March

0945 Introduction – John Geddes

Andre Tomlin – Taking #OxPsych50 beyond the room with the Mental Elf

1000 Psychological Treatments – Daniel Freeman

  • David Clark: From the Laboratory to Mass Public Benefit
  • Anke Ehlers: Overcoming trauma: The evolution of evidence-based treatments
  • Paul Salkovskis: OCD and Health anxiety: Same, same but different
  • John Williams: Wellcome Trust and Oxford's psychological therapy development
  • Chris Fairburn: The work of CREDO (1981-2019)

1130 Psychological Treatments – Kia Nobre

  • Willem Kuyken: Preventing depression across the lifespan
  • Alice Tickell: Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for real-world healthcare services
  • Mina Fazel: Opportunities and challenges of school mental health services
  • Cathy Creswell: The Oxford approach in development: Improving outcomes and access to psychological therapies for children and young people
  • Jessica Bird: Paranoid thoughts in adolescence: a new target for early intervention?
  • Elizabeth Rapa: Communication of the Diagnosis of Life Threatening Illness to Children
  • Daniel Freeman: Virtual Reality (VR) for delivering psychological treatment

Audience discussion on the past, present, and future of psychological treatment

1400 Epidemiology and Data Science – Ilina Singh

  • Large scale digital phenotyping - John Geddes
  • Epidemiology across the life course:
  • Elena Netsi and Alan Stein: Perinatal depression and child development
  • Charles Newton: Neurodevelopmental disorders in Low and Middle Income countries
  • Keith Hawton: Suicide risk in adults
  • Sana Suri: Brain Health from Cradle to Grave: The Lifebrain Project
  • John Gallacher: Cognitive health: changing the culture

Panel discussion – all speakers and audience

1600 Epidemiology and Data Science – Paul Harrison
Translational epidemiology:

  • Seena Fazel/Daniel Whiting: Clinical prediction models in psychiatry: improving risk assessment
  • Andrea Cipriani/Anneka Tomlinson: From evidence synthesis to personalised mental health: the example of antidepressants
  • Niall Boyce: From the Warneford to the world: the impact of Oxford's epidemiological psychiatry

1730 Drinks Reception

DAY TWO Tuesday 19th March

0935 Public Engagement and Science Communications Award – Cath Harmer

Experimental medicine and neuroscience – Clare Mackay

  • Guy Goodwin: The story of experimental medicine in Oxford Psychiatry
  • Emily Holmes: From lab to clinic and back again
  • Phil Cowen: The past, the present and the future of psychopharmacology

1130 Experimental medicine and neuroscience – Clare Mackay

  • Belinda Lennox: New horizons for the treatment of schizophrenia
  • Catherine Harmer: Using experimental medicine to guide antidepressant drug treatment of the future
  • Laurence Hunt: Reward and choice in psychiatry

Panel discussion – all speakers and audience

1315 Prize giving: Poster competition – Paul Harrison/Emily Holmes/Julia Hamer-Hunt

1320 Psychiatry and Oxford Medicine – Kate Saunders: introduction

  • Richard Mayou: History of Psychiatry in Oxford Medicine
  • Catherine Swales: Psychiatry and the training of future doctors in Oxford
  • Michael Sharpe: Psychiatry and Oxford Medicine today
  • Jane Walker: Psychiatric Research and Oxford Medicine: The HOME study
  • Dame Fiona Caldicott: Psychiatry in Oxford University Hospitals
  • Guy Goodwin, Chris Pugh, Anne Lingford Hughes, Maxime Taquet: The futures of academic psychiatry in Oxford medicine – presentations and panel discussion

1530 Close – John Geddes


Please follow the link below to read the news on the NIHR BRC website.

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