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National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre colleagues and partners gathered to share information and updates as well as celebrate progress made during the last 12 months.

John Geddes speaks at the anniversary event of Oxford Health BRC
Professor John Geddes speaks at the one year event for the Oxford Health BRC

Developments and improvements to the treatment and knowledge of conditions including depression, dementia and psychosis were in the spotlight at the event in Oxford.

Presentations focused on a variety of work being carried out across the Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre (OH BRC), based in the Department of Psychiatry, including:

  • Improvements to non-pharmacological and combination treatments in depression.​
  • Cross theme collaboration on Iisomnia, fibromyalgia and pain related kinesiophobia. 
  • The Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission.
  • Recent and upcoming treatment studies for PTSD and psychosis.
  • A mental health research network being established for schools.
  • The Oxford Brain Health Clinic.
  • The embedding of long-term Patient and Public Involvement Engagement and Participation (PPIEP) relationships within all Themes.
  • The development of the NIHR Bioresource centre for Anxiety and Depression and Serious Mental Illness.
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) alignment with NIHR EDI objectives.

There was also the opportunity to learn more about the significant role of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust in the governance of the Mental Health Mission via the Mental Health Translational Research Collaboration which represents a significant increase in Office for Life Science/NIHR funding for Mental Health research nationally.

There was input and engaging discussion around working relationships with Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (OBRC), industry partnerships and research activity within Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

It was a pleasure on the day to welcome OH BRC colleagues from national partner NHS Trusts and Universities as well as international colleagues from Toronto.

Oxford Health BRC Director, Professor John Geddes, said:

“This event provided an ideal opportunity to reflect over the last 12 months and recognise the substantial progress made thus far by the NIHR OH BRC.  Today we were able to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all colleagues across NIHR OH BRC in driving forward many vital and exciting research projects - and the determination from all Themes to meet objectives in the coming years. It was a delight to welcome OH BRC partners and advisors from Birmingham, Toronto, Paris, NIHR Oxford BRC and more to share the day with us.”

Head of Research and Development at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Bill Wells said: “I was encouraged at the opportunity to reflect on the quantity of success stories and achievements over the past 12 months, made possible by the outstanding efforts of OH BRC team members locally and nationally. The importance of the work being carried out and the potential for such positive impacts across patient care and well being in the future is remarkable.”

Rachel Upthegrove, Professor of Psychiatry and Youth Mental Health, University of Birmingham. Chair NIHR Mental Health Translational Research Collaboration, said: “It was a great opportunity to meet more colleagues working across the research themes at OH BRC with an opportunity for lively discussion around the contribution of OH BRC partners, the NIHR Mental Health Translational Research Collaboration, and related Mental Health Mission. 

“Seeing progress made so far and learning more about the many collaborations across OH BRC working together to deliver on preliminary objectives over the past 12 months was really encouraging.  The venue worked well with ample time for networking as well as providing an opportunity to hear about the essential OH BRC research. “