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This year the Department of Psychiatry has teamed up with The Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience to offer Year 12 students based in Oxfordshire, a five-day programme of work experience.

Image shows two school students listening to a professor talk about their work.

Designed to educate, excite and enthuse people about neuroscience, the application process to join the programme is now open. More information on applications.


Work experience is an integral part of any young person's research into possible future careers. This year's comprehensive programme of activities will introduce young people to the exciting world of neuroscience research and help to demonstrate what can be achieved through research in the world of mental health. We look forward to welcoming the class of 2019! Professor John Geddes, Head of Department.














Additionally the NIHR Oxford Cognitive Health Clinical Research Facility is hosting 6th form work experience students from April.

To find out more contact: Valerie Paulley 


I spent one day at the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity and I was lucky enough to observe two MRI scans, I was also given the opportunity to use an EEG scanner, both of which I found fascinating. I was also able to shadow post-graduate students and professionals of varying disciplines including medicine, biology and radiography. Conversations were arranged for me with professionals from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and these discussions helped me widen my thinking in terms of higher education and career paths. The hands on and interactive approach of this placement engaged and excited me, allowing me to explore in real-life what I have learned at school.Hannah Woods, Year 12 student who undertook a three-day work experience placement at the Clinical Research Facility, based on the Warneford Hospital site in Oxford 

Full report on work experience.



Please follow the link below to read the news on the NIHR BRC website.

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