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Today we announce the prize winners of the first Department of Psychiatry Recognition Awards. One award is designed to offer early career researchers (ECRs) the opportunity to showcase their work, motivations and aspirations for research into mental health. Alongside this we launch the 'Good Citizen' award, where all department members have been able to make nominations.

ECR Award winners

These awards have been developed partly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on work and culture in the Department of Psychiatry, and also as a way to inspire team work and share ideas.

Recognising the interruption and disproportionate impact of the pandemic, particularly on researchers in the early stages of their careers, the Senior Leadership team felt it was important to give this group of researchers an opportunity to compete, present and gain recognition for their work.

Professor Catherine Harmer, Associate Head of People and Culture, said:


'We're delighted to recognise the brilliant work of early career researchers in the department. They are working at the cutting edge of research into mental health from multiple perspectives. Nominations in the first year of this award were strong and our expert panel reported reading high quality, insightful competition entries.'

The new People and Culture team in the Department of Psychiatry aims to enhance the workplace and culture. As part of this the 'Good Citizen' award has been established, something that should continue yearly. The aim of the award is to give staff a window in which to share praise and recognition for someone they feel has helped them, supported the team, or gone above and beyond to deliver.

Professor Harmer continues:

'We had 32 nominations for the Good Citizen award showcasing the wonderful people and team spirit in our department. These prize winners have made the department a better place to work and we are so proud to recognise their outstanding contribution in this way.'

ECR Award winners & Description of their talk

  • Holly Bear - Research which aims to determine key markers of successful implementation and sustainability of mental health and wellbeing interventions for young people, with a focus on digital approaches.
  • Zhenpeng Li - Individual patient data network meta-analysis (IPD-NMA) for personalising antidepressant treatment for unipolar depression combining individual choices, risks and big data (PETRUSHKA).
  • Liliana Capitao - Using an experimental medicine approach to characterise SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) treatment in depressed adolescents.
  • Riccardo De Giorgi - Statins in depression: what's the fuss?
  • Tessa Reardon - Research on identifying and supporting primary school children with or at risk for anxiety problems, including two large randomised controlled trials; iCATS and MY-CATS.
  • Daria Jensen - The association between longitudinal dietary and metabolic health with hippocampus connectivity and volume in older age.

Good Citizen Award winners

Good Citizen and ECR Prize award winners 

Award winners present at the Away Day.

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