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Associate Professor Mina Fazel has developed this free resource for young people to help recognise and improve the symptoms of low mood.

Download the free poster here.


The school health nurses of Oxford have already placed them in all Oxfordshire secondary schools and we have just been approached by a group in Amercia to adapt it for their audience.
- Associate Professor Mina Fazel

"This poster was has been made to help young people with low mood and has been designed to be placed in schools. It was inspired by a similar 'infographic' made by the Bank Workers Charity for their staff which impressed me with how it covered so much information about causation, symptoms and interventions in just one page. I therefore wrote to the charity and they agreed to help us redesign it for a younger audience. The newly formed NeuroSEC young people's advisory group provided great feedback on the design- including changing its focus from depression to that of 'low mood'. It can be freely downloaded and it is hoped schools will print it and put it on noticeboards or email it to students." Associate Professor Mina Fazel 


Please follow the link below to read the news on the NIHR BRC website.