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Research leads in the Department of Psychiatry compete to share highlights from important projects in a speed round of talks. How did they do?

Image of a clock saying count down.

At the beginning of the year, before COVID-19 was even on most people's radar, teams in the Department of Psychiatry embarked on a novel way to communicate - Speed Rounds!

Clare Mackay, Professor of Imaging Neuroscience, led a session which not only put researchers on the spot, as they didn't know the order in which they'd be asked to present, but also had them running from their seats, so as not to lose a precious few seconds of their time slot.


This format is a good way to find out a little bit about a lot, and it was great to hear about the very broad and extensive research that takes place across the department. It is surprisingly difficult to talk for exactly 2 minutes and it was great fun watching all the PI’s - everyone from the Head of Department to the newest group leaders - leaping out of their seats for their slot. No doubt COVID-19 will affect much of what we heard in various ways, so we’ll just have to do it again in the future to find out!


These talks were held as part of an Away Day for the department back in January. See a list of speakers and topic titles with links to the recordings.

To watch all clips visit the playlist on our YouTube Channel.


Please follow the link below to read the news on the NIHR BRC website.