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Psychiatry First Prize: Psychiatry. 4th edition. Professor John Geddes, Dr. Jonathan Price and Dr. Rebecca McKnight (here with Professor the Baroness Hollins, BMA President) — Oxford University Press, January 2012 ISBN: 9780199233960 £25.99

Our ACF Dr Rebecca McKnight picked up this award last night at the BMA for her textbook "Psychiatry (Oxford Medical Publications)", adding to her Lancet publication earlier this year.

Psychiatry introduces medicine students to the subject in a concise, innovative and memorable way. Its patient-centred approach blends a discussion of the theoretical basis of different psychiatric disorders with an explanation of the management of these disorders in everyday clinical practice, using genuine case histories to place the content in a realistic context. Recognizing that having positive interactions with a patient is central to the provision of successful psychiatric care, the book includes guidance on history-taking and assessment, while also reflecting best practice as set out by current clinical guidelines. Having undergone an extensive revision for this fourth edition, and covering all the major psychiatric conditions in a logically-structured way, the book is an invaluable guide to all individuals who are likely to encounter those with psychiatric problems, including students of medicine, healthcare, and social work. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre to accompany Psychiatry features · Figures and tables from the book in electronic format · Self-assessment materials for students · Updates on the latest clinical guidelines


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