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Community and stakeholder engagement (CSE) are central to conducting multicenter health research. Multicenter studies are, however, considerably more complex because they involve a geographically diverse pool of participants and researchers, making uniform application of CSE strategies difficult. This article describes a framework to achieve CSE based on the experiences of a conducting a multicenter study in Southern Africa. The CSE framework is divided into three phases: before research commences, during, and after the study. This CSE framework offers a practical step-by-step guide on the operational aspects of CSE in a multicenter study. The framework shows the importance of consistent monitoring and evaluation during implantation of CSE.

Original publication




Journal article


J Empir Res Hum Res Ethics

Publication Date





323 - 332


community, engagement, evaluation, participation, stakeholders, Africa, Southern, Community Participation, Humans, Multicenter Studies as Topic, Research, Stakeholder Participation