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Sleep-related prolactin secretion and prolactin responses to the infusion of low doses of the dopamine antagonist, metoclopramide, and thyrotropin-releasing hormone were measured in 11 female volunteers before and after undertaking a diet in which they lost a mean of 3.1 kg in weight in 3 weeks. No effect of weight loss on these measures was found, but there was a significant, although modest, reduction in fasting plasma tryptophan concentration without any change in the concentration of competing amino acids.


Journal article


Psychiatry Res

Publication Date





161 - 167


Adult, Amino Acids, Body Mass Index, Circadian Rhythm, Diet, Reducing, Female, Humans, Metoclopramide, Prolactin, Sleep Stages, Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone, Tryptophan, Weight Loss