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Professor Morten L. Kringelbach heads Hedonia: Trygfonden Research Group, a transnational research group based at Oxford and Aarhus Universities.

Hedonia 2012
Hedonia 2012

The overall goal is to understand the fundamental neural mechanisms underlying pleasure, in order to increase our understanding and potential treatment of anhedonia, as expressed in common affective disorders such as post-natal depression. We try to accomplish this to through the study of normal, neuropsychiatric and clinical populations using converging neuroimaging methods such as magnetoencephalography (MEG) and deep brain stimulation (DBS) combined with functional MRI, PET and DTI.

Group members

Morten L. Kringelbach
Christine Parsons
Hamid Mohseni
Annie Landau
Joana Cabral
Else-Marie Jegindø
Maria Witek

Graduate students

Kristine Rømer Thomsen
Katie Young
Tim van Hartevelt
Henrique Fernandes
Morten Jønsson
Mette Buhl Callesen
Kira Vibe Jespersen
Angus Stevner
Mikkel Petersen

Research assistants

Eloise Stark
Patricia Alves da Mota

Further information

Hedonia: Trygfonden Research Group
Scars of War Foundation