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Professor Mina Fazel is working with a team exploring different mental health interventions of relevance for young people.

Focuses on improving access to mental health services for vulnerable child populations (such as refugees) and developing school-based mental health services.

This includes the EcoWeb trial work with Holly Bear and Lara Ayala-Nunes. To find out more, visit our EcoWeb trial webpage

The focus of Mina Fazel’s work has been on how to improve access to mental health services for children and young people, especially the most vulnerable populations. She has been working for over a decade developing mental health services for refugee children and as a result of this work has been involved in changing local child and adolescent mental health services and building stronger links with local secondary schools. The research alongside this work has been to try and evaluate the impact of these changes and whether these changes can help reach and treat children who might not easily access services. She also has an interest in treatments for those exposed to traumatic events and also more recently, on adolescent decision making and when an adolescent might have the authority to consent to their own mental health care.