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Professor Mina Fazel is working with a team exploring different mental health interventions of relevance for young people.

The focus of our team is on improving access to mental health interventions for vulnerable child populations (such as refugees) and developing acceptable and accessible school-based mental health services. We are currently working on four different projects.

One of the main interests of the team is on school-based mental health services and how to ensure that children and adolescents at school have their mental health supported through both formal and informal provision of evidence-based interventions. In order to inform this work we run the OxWell Student Survey, for which Mina Fazel is lead investigator and a vibrant group of collaborators are working on this from across Oxford university departments as well as researchers from Cambridge University and as far afield as Melbourne. We are also interested in how best to implement services, in particular digital and online interventions and Holly Bear and Lara Ayala-Nunes are working on questions related to this as part of the EcoWeb trial. We are also working on the Mindkind study, which is trying to work out preferences of young people  regarding data collection and data governance models. Emily Bampton is our professional youth advisor on this project to ensure that young people's voices are embedded in our work as much as possible and she also coordinates the Young People's advisory group for the project. She works with Blossom Fernandes and Lakshmi Neelakantan on the MindKind project. Verity Westgate is working on the RIGHT trial, a project studying interventions for children and families who have been exposed to abuse or neglect.