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Co-Pact Newsletter August 2022

Hello all

We hope you’ve enjoyed the summer.  With autumn approaching, we’re pleased to be back in touch with the latest Co-PACT news and information on upcoming plans.



Data collection finished in May. Thanks again to everyone who provided us with a wide range of photographs, insights and personal stories. Since we were last in touch in May we have been busy with the first phase of analysis of this exciting and innovative data, which has yielded a rich variety of information for co-design. 


Data analysis

We initially hoped to recruit 20 service users per site, but there were problems with reaching this target.  A focus group has been conducted with recruiting teams to review lessons learned on recruiting this population.  Despite this shortfall, we have gathered a lot of rich, detailed, informative and emotive data. Participants shared thoughtful and powerful experiences and reflections through photographs, captions, poems and life roadmaps.  This data (along with workshop transcripts, field notes and demographic information) has provided a set of insightful information from which we can now plan the co-design process.


Our first task was to work out how to organise the data, i.e. by photograph or person.  What become clear was that organising by person enabled themes to emerge that told powerful stories of individual experiences of being detained.  We then organised and coded the data to allow review by different elements or variables.  Images, captions and transcripts were linked and coded to form themes and touchpoints.  We wanted to ensure that voices of lived experience were captured in this process.  Analysis was initially conducted at site level so that we could compare emerging themes across sites. Separately, our PPI group will work with us to understand and analyse feedback from workshop participants.


Co-design meetings

Now the initial analysis has been completed, our priority is to ensure that people with lived experience are involved in the next phase of the project.  We’ve started talking to those involved with the eight sites to identify who would be interested in joining our co-design workshops and who we need to engage with to make them a success.   The workshops will include a variety of stakeholders including service users and carers, staff members, and policymakers.  We are planning a series of half or one day workshops and will let you know more details when we have them. 


And finally, we’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and engagement in the Co-PACT study.  We will be back in touch in September with updates on the co-design workshops.


Please do get in touch with us at if you have any questions or queries. You can also follow us on Twitter .


All the very best,

The Co-PACT Research Team