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Co-Pact Newsletter May 2022

Hello all,

We are pleased to share our May 2022 round-up with the study’s latest updates.



We are excited to share that data collection for the service user Photovoice workshops has officially concluded. Once again, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the local PIs and teams at our seven sites (Bradford, Derby, Lancashire, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Oxford) for their dedication and hard work throughout this important phase of the study, as well as to all of the participants for sharing their experiences and contributing invaluable insights.


The completion of the Photovoice workshops is a big milestone within Co-PACT. We look forward to bringing its learnings to the next phase of the study, which features experience-based co-design workshops involving a variety of stakeholders including (but not limited to) service users, staff members, and policymakers. 



As we transition out of data collection, we will begin the data cleaning and a period of multi-modal data analysis to prepare for the experience-based co-design workshops in a few months’ time. Data analysis will be a collaborative effort between the central research team alongside lived experience experts, to ensure rigour and integrity within this important process. 


We will be in further touch about opportunities to participate in the experience-based co-design workshops as recruitment for these workshops take place over the next several months.


We are also planning to hold a focus group with staff from local teams (ex. clinical support officers) who we worked with during this first phase of the study; we look forward to discussing their experiences of the recruitment process, to gain a better understanding of any barriers and/or facilitators they may have encountered.


Finally, thank you for your continued support and engagement in the Co-PACT study.


As always, please e-mail if you have any questions or queries.


All the very best,

The Co-PACT Research Team