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Alex Lewis

Alexander Lewis

I joined the Department of Psychiatry in October 2022 working with Professor Seena Fazel on the RAPSS Project which aimed to develop a risk assessment tool for repeat self-harm amongst the prison population. My role was to visit various prisons and collect the necessary data to develop and validate the risk assessment tool.

When the RAPSS project ended I joined Professor Michael Browning's Computational Psychiatry lab as a research assistant on the PAX-D study which is a randomised control trial assessing the efficacy of Pramipexole as an adjunct therapy for treatment resistant depression. After working on this project for close to a year I took over trial management responsibilities for the study when the current trial manager went on maternity leave.

Previous to joining the Psychiatry department I studied Psychology at University and then worked in a research group called Oxford Trauma which specialises in RCTs in the field of orthopaedics and trauma.