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Arne Mould

Arne Mould

Arne Mould


Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Identifying and advancing novel molecular targets of interest to psychiatry

I am a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in psychiatric therapeutic neuroscience. I am a biochemist/molecular biologist by training with broad research experience in the analysis of gene regulation and signalling in development and disease.   

Rapidly evolving large-scale genomic studies offer a window into the molecular and cellular pathways that confer risk for psychiatric disorders with the potential to transform our understanding of the biology underlying these illnesses.  However, this plethora of genomic data must be triaged to identify the most promising candidates for new drug targets. 

By integrating data from a variety of sources (e.g. genomic data, open-access datasets, and scientific literature) my research involves identifying and prioritising molecular targets that may be relevant to the treatment and/or pathogenesis of psychiatric disorders.