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Chloe Wigg

BSc (Hons), MRes

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant within the Psychopharmacology and Emotion Research Lab (PERL), supervised by Dr Susannah Murphy and Professor Catherine Harmer

I am currently working on the analysis for the COvid-19, Social Isolation and Emotion (COSIE) study and the set-up of two new projects within the lab. Once these projects have been approved, I will be involved in recruitment, screening participants, and testing as well as running behavioural tasks, data processing and analysis. 

My main interests are in researching emotional processing and cognitive deficits in depression with a strong focus on mental health treatment, both pharmacological and psychological. I have an MRes in Cognitive Neuroscience – my master's thesis was exploring the effects of escitalopram on memory encoding in adaptive anxiety. This was achieved using MRI and the threat of shock paradigm. Prior to this, I completed a BSc in Psychology.