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Jessica Lorimer

Jessica Lorimer

Jessica Lorimer

DPhil Student

About Me

I am a DPhil student in Psychiatry at the University of Oxford. This DPhil is funded by a Oxford-MRC DTP Studentship and Oxford-Hoffmann Graduate Scholarship.

My research explores how schools use "Ed-Tech" to monitor for suicide risk, focusing specifically on themes of risk and responsibility. I am supervised by Professor Ilina Singh and Dr. Tom Douglas

Previously I have worked as a research assistant in the Neuroscience, Ethics and Society group at the Department of Psychiatry. In this position I helped organize a Young People's Advisory Group, which is part of a larger network of UK groups advocating for young people's participation in research and healthcare advocacy. I also worked for a project called BeGOOD:EIE, which aims to bring young people’s voices into ethical debates related to mental health interventions. You can learn more about the project on our website or on Instagram/Twitter at @BeGOOD_EIE.

I hold an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Occidental College (USA) and a MSc in Developmental Psychology from Maastricht University (Netherlands). My research interests include early intervention in mental health, ethical implications of new technologies and digital methods.

Currently I am affiliated with both the Department of Psychiatry and the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities.

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