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Ksenija Yeeles


Research Fellow

I joined the Social Psychiatry group at the University of Oxford in June 2007. My current research interests are the use of treatment pressures including informal and formal coercion, and financial incentives to improve adherence to treatment in community psychiatric care. I am particularly interested in the improvement of rigours research methodology, mainly pragmatic randomised controlled trials in the investigation of the effectiveness of interventions in community psychiatric services. I developed this interest while managing trials on the effectiveness of financial incentives to improve adherence to anti-psychotic medication (FIAT), of a modified programme for employment support (IPS-LITE), of a Cognitive Analytic Therapy vs. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (REFLECT) and a follow-up of the OCTET trial on the effectiveness of Community Treatment Orders.

With professor Tom Burns I also researched informal coercion which was the focus of ULTIMA, a study on the patterns and prevalence of treatment pressures (leverage) in community mental health care in England.

Previously I worked at the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry, Queen Mary University of London where I investigated outcomes of involuntary hospital admission in England within a multicentre national study (InvolvE). I also assisted an European study  on the impact of social and health care intervention on long-term clinical and social outcomes of people with war experience (CONNECT).

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