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Liz Lord


MSt Tutor

MSt Tutor and former schools liaison lead for the MYRIAD research project

MSt Tutor / Senior Researcher - MYRIAD project

I currently work as a tutor on the MSt Masters of studies in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

Formerly, the Schools Liaison lead for the MYRIAD research project at the University of Oxford, helping to facilitate the participation of over 100 schools across the UK. see publications

I am currently a mindfulness teacher, trainer, and supervisor with extensive experience in education settings. I mentor trainees in the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation’s teacher training programme and teach courses globally in the MBCT family of curricula.

I  worked as a schoolteacher and former assistant head teacher at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital School, where I taught mindfulness courses to teachers, heads, parents, and educational psychologists, as well as to pupils.

I have an MSc in mindfulness-based approaches from Bangor University, where my research focused on mindfulness for schoolteachers. 

I worked in education, at all levels, for over 20 years. Before that, an International Management Accountant working for AstraZeneca.

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