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Research groups

Natalie Coles

Senior Project Manager

I am the Senior Project Manager working on BrainWaves at the Department of Psychiatry. I joined BrainWaves mid 2022 and have seen the project go from strength to strength. I manage all the relationships across partners, keeping the project to task and making sure we remain focused on our strategic outcomes.  


BrainWaves is a new global mental health and wellbeing initiative for young people, led by Professors John Gallacher and Mina Fazel at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford,
in partnership with the University of Swansea and The Day. By running one of the largest-ever studies of young people, it will significantly enhance the available data on adolescent mental health, which will be used to develop effective evidence-based therapeutic interventions at scale, and innovative educational resources. Its mission is to better equip young people for adulthood, by helping them develop critical thinking skills and life tools for improved personal decision-making.

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