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Dr Sundus Khalid

Dr Sundus Khalid

Sundus Khalid

PhD. MSc. MSc. BSc (Hons)

Post doctoral Research Scientist

I am a post doctoral research scientist in the field of mental health, currently engaged in the Early Psychosis Multi Arm Multi Stage (PUMA) project, which aims to enhance treatment outcomes for individuals experiencing early psychosis.The PUMA project, generously supported by the Wellcome Trust, is pioneering a Multi Arm Multi Stage (MAMS) platform trial for early psychosis. My current role places me under the guidance of Belinda Lenox and Ksenjis Yeels. Drawing upon my previous work with the NIHR National Priorities Programme on Mental Health Implementation Network at King's College London, I am actively involved in the preparatory phase of the project. This pivotal stage involves conducting comprehensive reviews of existing research and facilitating discussions with a diverse array of stakeholders. My academic background includes a PhD in Nutritional Psychology from the University of Reading, a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Westminster, a master’s degree in Immunology from King’s College London, and a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from London Metropolitan University. My research interests encompass various areas, including psychosis, mental health in children and young adults, the influence of nutrition on mental well-being, and the field of implementation science.


Ahuja, S., Phillips, L., Smartt, C., Khalid, S., (2023). What interventions should we implement in England's mental health services? The mental health implementation network (MHIN) mixed-methods approach to rapid prioritisation. Frontiers in health services, 3, 1204207.

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Khalid, S., Williams, C. M., & Reynolds, S. A. (2016). Is there an association between diet and depression in children and adolescents? A systematic review. British Journal of Nutrition, 116(12), 2097–2108. Cambridge University Press.