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Our Department is led by John Geddes (Head of Department) in conjunction with the Senior Management Team (SMT) who meet monthly to discuss strategic issues (including research, information governance, teaching, and Athena SWAN) and to consider applications for honorary membership of the department. SMT decisions are communicated at Head of Department Briefings, hosted by John on the first Monday of the month at 9:30, with pastries, tea and coffee available from 9:15, and Department Meetings.


Members of the SMT are chosen for their leadership roles within the Department as follows:

-          Belinda Lennox (Head of Department)

-          Paul Harrison (Associate Head of Department for Research)

-          Clare Mackay (Associate Head of Department for IT/Information Governance)

-          Moira Westwood (Departmental Administrator)

-          Susannah Murphy (Athena SWAN Lead)

-          Kate Saunders (Director of Medical Studies)

-          Phil Burnet (Director of Graduate Studies)

-          Kia Nobre (Director of OHBA)

-          Lisa Jones (Departmental Communications Officer)