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Dr Maxime Taquet has been named the Core Psychiatric Trainee of the Year in the Royal College of Psychiatrists RCPsych Awards 2022.

Dr Maxime Taquet

It follows his awards as Foundation Doctor of the Year in 2020 and Medical Student of the Year in 2017.

Dr Taquet is an Academic Clinical Fellow within the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford and Senior Research Fellow with NIHR Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre.

On receiving the award, he said:

“I am really honoured to have received this award, not least in light of the other nominees’ impressive achievements. I would like to thank the College as well as all those who are helping me develop as an academic psychiatrist, starting with Professor Paul Harrison, my closest collaborator and mentor, for his incredible support and our rich discussions. 

“I also want to thank my clinical supervisors last year, Tom Bajorek and Olga Tsatalou, as well as the Department of Psychiatry, the Oxford Health BRC, and Oxford Health Foundation Trust, and all those involved in making this place a unique place to work, where kindness and excellence coexist.”

He was given the award after publishing seven high impact papers, including a prestigious editorial in The Lancet, and was cited for initiating collaborations with researchers from different disciplines. The jurors also recognised his professional work, which included developing and innovating online systems, and his clinical work treating patients.

Dr Taquet added:

“The pandemic has epitomised how there cannot be health without mental health and how the complexity of mental illness calls for collaborations across many disciplines. I feel privileged to work in a specialty with colleagues who tackle those challenges and I look forward to completing my training and to meet many more inspiring people along the way.”